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Theft Prevention

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no theft sfOne of the largest benefits of GPS tracking is theft prevention!Theft Prevention

Many companies have been able to recover stolen vehicles, parts, and equipment by retracing the stops on our software!  We often have police call us during theft cases for our records, which have stood up in court in our customers defense!

Don’t believe it?  Listen to our customers who were able to recover a stolen vehicle using our software!

“We recently had a company vehicle stolen from one of our on-call service technician’s home. When he went to get into his vehicle, it was gone! He called me and I was able to pull up our Smart Fleet dashboard and locate our vehicle. I was a bit anxious watching it drive all over the city in some very sketchy areas known for drug use and gang activity. When the vehicle came to stop and the ignition was turned off, I called it into our Sheriff’s department and gave them the address. The Sheriff’s department sent an officer to the address and found our vehicle there in less than an hour. Although we have not recovered all of the service tools, we are very thankful to have recovered our vehicle.” – Rick Speir, Speir Heating and Air, Warner Robins, GA



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