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We offer easy-to-use GPS Tracking and Fleet Management solutions that make running your company easier while saving you money over the long run. Our powerful software will let you manage your fleet anywhere, give you unprecedented insight into the operations of your commercial vehicles, and make your entire business much more efficient.

As a family-owned and operated company, we pride ourselves on providing industry-leading support & assistance to ensure our customers get all the benefits our products & software solutions have to offer.

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GPS Tracking, Dash Cameras, and Trailer/Asset Tracking

With instant-install OBD-II plug-in devices that integrate seamlessly with SmartScout’s SafetyCam commercial fleets everywhere are moving up to SmartScout Elite to improve fleet and field operations, get the driver’s rewards they deserve, get undeniable video evidence, and streamline workflow.

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One Robust System

Smart Fleet offers personal one-on-one service in one robust system that includes GPS tracking, dash cameras, and trailer/asset tracking.

User Friendly

Fleet tracking has never been so easy thanks to Smart Fleet’s suite of products. Some of our devices are plug-and-play. All are user-friendly providing tracking data that is essential to your business.

Dedicated Support

A family-owned business, customer service is our main focus. Supporting your needs is our number one priority. Since day one, we have been customer-focused and that will never change.

Integrated Partners

Here is Everything You Get
with Our End-to-End Solution

GPS Tracking, Dash Cameras, and Trailer/Asset Tracking Solutions Are Just The Beginning.

GPS Tracking Solutions That Saves Your Company Time and Money

Reduce Fuel Usage. Confirm Billable Hours. Creates a Driver Rewards Program. Improves Driver Safety and More.

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GPS Tracking Solutions
Smart Fleet Dash Cameras

Easy-To-Install Dash Cameras For Security and Peace-of-Mind

With easy-to-use, plug-in devices, you will get continuous real-time footage and undeniable video evidence when needed.

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I've been using Smart Fleet to dispatch our service trucks for years. I can't imagine running my company without this valuable information. They are very personable and always helpful. The team never misses on support. I highly recommend this company.

Jim S.General Manager

Great experience. Especially with customer service. You get to speak to a live rep.

Angela D.Business Owner

The customer service at Smart Fleet is excellent. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. We like the history, the idle, the maintenance tracking.

Karen E.Office Manager

The greatest benefit is being able to give a customer a real-time update as to where the vehicle is and how far away they are. The best part of the product is going back and looking at the vehicle history when a customer disputes a bill. The GPS tells the truth. The software is easy to use and figure out.

Brian CVP

Smart Fleet has excellent customer service. They respond immediately if we have a problem and always find us a solution. Smart Fleet's products are easy to implement and use. The features give us the information we need. The price is very reasonable.

Vicki G.Accounting Manager

It is easy to use and understand even for non-tech savvy people for tracking cars and services.

Haley G.Office Manager

“I love Smart Fleet” Great - been using it for 10+ years. Great dashboard layout - Excellent customer support.

Jerry M.Business Owner

Three Great Solutions.
Powerful AI & Machine Learning Insights

GPS Tracking, Dash Cameras, and Trailer/Asset Tracking with One-on-One Personal Service


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Smart Fleet Products

GPS Tracking, Dash Cameras, Trailer/Asset Tracking that will help you run your company more efficiently and increase your bottom line. 

Asset Tracking Solutions

There is no better way to improve productivity and streamline your operations in real-time than with a fleet asset management solution. We will help you get a clear picture of how your assets are used.

Our GPS tracking devices will help you know the exact location of your assets. The equipment consists of easy-to-install monitoring devices that will help you save time and improve your bottom line.

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Asset Tracking
Smart Fleet ELD

Smart Fleet + eLogs

Smart Fleet offers your complete solution for vehicle monitoring, driver scoring, and hours of service (HOS), and driver vehicle inspection reporting (DVIR). Smart Fleet + eLogs offers fleet tracking that is a complete solution for electronic driver logs and DVIR capture and reporting that is fully compliant with all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandate compliance.

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Backup Camera

Help Your Drivers See Obstacles Behind Them

Safety is the number one priority for most business owners. Back-up cameras help with safety as they give drivers eyes behind their heads, so to speak. 

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Back Up Camera Software

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We understand the importance of efficient fleet management. That’s why we offer a wide range of GPS tracking software and other business tools that help fleet operators manage their fleet to improve efficiency, increase profitability, and have more insight into their business. Schedule a live demo with us today to see how our products can benefit your business.

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