Simple GPS Tracking and Video Solutions That Save Your Company Money

We are a family operated company that has provided thousands of businesses with GPS based products and solutions for over 13 years.

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Powerful, Easy To Use Software That Lets You Manage Your Fleet Anywhere

With our easy-to-use web-based and mobile solutions, you can simply and affordably improve the way you manage your commercial vehicles.

Real Time GPS Tracking

Web based accessible from desktop, laptop or smartphone. Know where your assets are whenever you are using GPS fleet management.

GPS Fleet Reports and Alerts

Reports and Alerts give you insight into your fleet’s performance, allowing for increased productivity.

Integrated Safety Camera

Alerts are pre-determined thresholds set by you and are instantaneously sent via text and or e-mail.

Mobile Dispatching

Combining GPS tracking with our dash camera solution gives you the entire picture and increases overall fleet safety.

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Discover how GPS Tracking can help you operate a more productive, efficient, and cost-effective fleet.

How Our Standard Integrated Safety Camera Solution Works

The GPS tracking device operates off a combination of GPS satellites and cellular towers to provide latitude and longitude information. The GPS device triggers the safety camera to record when events like hard braking and hard acceleration occur, which could be indicators for vehicle crashes. Once recorded, the safety camera generates a video to be sent to the cloud server, where you can review the recorded content.

“You Can’t Manage What You Can’t See”®

Advanced Integrated Safety Camera Powered by AI and Computer Vision

Smart Fleet Safety Cam uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to detect distracted driving, fatigued driving, and other high-risk driving behaviors. Retrieve crisp HD “Live Video” feed of the road and driver simultaneously which provides valuable insights into your fleet’s overall performance. Assist your drivers with in-cab coaching using audio and visual warnings for dangerous driving events.

“You Can’t Manage What You Can’t See”®

What Our Customers Say

We have over 13 years of experience delivering innovative GPS Solutions to thousands of customers across North America. With Smart Fleet, you get the best of both worlds: a company large enough to serve you professionally but small enough to provide personal one-on-one customer service.

“It was one of the best investments I have ever made. It helped me reduce personal miles, gas expenses, and prevent side jobs.”

Jeff Solida, Solida Tree Service

Discover How To Run a More Efficient and Productive Fleet in 2021

We put together a free guide detailing how fleet operators and owners can successfully navigate a new normal and thrive during uncertain times.

Incentivize Safer Driving with our Driver Rewards Program

  • Gamifies your Driver Scorecard
  • Gift Reward Card Redeemable at Major Retailers
  • Reward & Retain your Employees
  • Easy to Administer

Unlock the Benefits of Advanced GPS Fleet Tracking with our Easy to Use Sofware

GPS Tracking

With our easy-to-use web-based and mobile solutions, you can simply and affordably improve the way you manage your commercial vehicles.

RPM & Extended Idle Alerts

Use speed and idle alerts to monitor driver behavior and promote improved performance and productivity.

Preventative Maintenance

Smart Fleet’s easy-to-use maintenance tools help take the guesswork out of serving your vehicles and lets you maximize your assets by ensuring preventative upkeep is happening consistently and on schedule.

Reduce Fuel Costs

With GPS Tracking, total fleet mileage is reduced and driving behavior is improved, which reduces maintenance costs.

Improve Productivity & Customer Service

GPS fleet management technology enables you to optimize your fleet operations by increasing your operational efficiencies and decreasing costs such as fuel, insurance, labor and maintenance.

Real Time Visibility & Reporting

Quickly generate reports anytime or have them generated automatically to your inbox. You can easily report on a single vehicle or your entire fleet. Print and email reports in multiple formats to share with your team.

Improved Fleet Safety

Build a safety culture among your fleet by utilizing fleet safety features such as the driver scorecard, harsh braking and rapid acceleration alerts, and fleet dash camera footage.

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Discover how GPS Tracking can help you operate a more productive, effecient, and cost effective fleet.

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