Video Telematics Systems

Smart Fleet has you Covered.

 Dash Cameras give you the visual evidence you need to protect your drivers.

Standard System

GPS Tracking with Event-Based Camera System.

Advanced System

Live-Video with AI and Computer Vision Camera System.

Our Standard System integrates GPS Tracking with Dash Camera technology to give you the entire picture.

SmartScout Elite Program

Our most comprehensive system combines GPS tracking, which includes a cutting edge gift card reward system, with event-based dash camera recording.

Protects Your Drivers

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that every 12 minutes someone dies in a motor vehicle crash.

Wirelessly Connected

Dash Camera and GPS Tracking device connect wirelessly.

HD Quality

1080pHD video resolution for quality and detail.

Event Based

Harsh event recording triggered by harsh braking, rapid acceleration, corning, crashes.

Panic Button

Panic button for manual recording.

Recording Time

48-70 hours of 1080p footage (can be extended by configuring video quality) recording.

Camera Uploads

Camera auto-uploads footage 6 seconds before & 4 seconds after each harsh driving event.

Audio Feature

Built-in microphone and speaker

Lower Costs

Lower insurance premiums by utilizing dash cameras.


Get undisputable visual evidence.


Protects against false claims.

Driver Support

Insight needed to coach better drivers.

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Advanced Integrated Safety Camera

Powered by AI and Computer Vision.

This dual-facing camera combines the power of road-footage with cabin-footage. With this Advanced System you can get HD “live video” of the road and driver. This gives you the ability to provide your drivers with in-cab coaching using audio and visual warnings for dangerous driving events. The camera is tamper resistant and comes with an SOS button to capture a video and auto-upload, should the driver need it.¬†

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