SmartScout Elite Program

Easy Installation

This lifetime warranty GPS unit plugs right into the vehicles OBD-II port. No OBD-II port? No problem! We offer JBUS cables for fleets with heavy duty needs.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Plug and Play unit connects to your dash camera via bluetooth. Drivers can also pair themselves with their mobile application to the GPS device to help verify their driver score and better manage who is driving what vehicle. 

The Standard Dash Camera

The SmartScout Elite SafetyCam allows fleet managers to ride along with their drivers. The combination of GPS tracking updates with visual dash camera technology gives you the entire picture.

The US Department of Labor estimates that every 12 minutes someone dies in a motor vehicle crash. Every 10 seconds an injury occurs and every 5 seconds a crash occurs. Deploying a dash camera system helps protect drivers against false claims and reduces risk.

Integrated Solution

Get the entire picture with GPS tracking data in combination with dash camera videos.

HD Picture

1080p video resolution for quality and detail.

Event Based

Harsh events such as hard braking and rapid acceleration trigger events to be recorded and sent to your system automatically.

Recording Time

48-70 hours of 1080p footage (can be extended by reducing video quality).

Advanced Integrated Safety Camera

Powered By AI and Computer Vision

This dual facing camera combines the power of road footage with cabin footage. With this Advanced System you can get HD “live video” of the road and the driver.

Provide your drivers with in-cab coaching using audio and visual warnings for dangerous driving events

Advanced Field Service Management That Makes Operating Your Business Easier

Our Field Service Management software bundles together our most popular GPS Tracking devices, Dash Cameras, and Fleet Management software. Our all-in-one solution will allow you to streamline office-to-field operations, automate day-to-day tasks, boost productivity, enhance the customer experience, and help you manage your company’s finances in real-time. All from a single platform.

Smart Fleet Full Service Management Software
Smart Fleet ELD

Smart Fleet + eLogs

mart Fleet offers your complete solution for vehicle monitoring, driver scoring, and hours of service (HOS), and driver vehicle inspection reporting (DVIR).

Smart Fleet + eLogs offers fleet tracking that is a complete solution for electronic driver logs and DVIR capture and reporting that is fully compliant with all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandate compliance.

Available Add On Features

Driver Reward Becomes Driver Incentive

SmartScout Elite can score your drivers based on performance events such as harsh braking, rapid acceleration, speeding, and idling. Get a list of your best, and worst, drivers to provide them with an electronic gift card reward or better driver coaching.

Begin Building Your Safer Fleet


Get email and/or text notifications for events such as speeding, idling, harsh braking, and rapid acceleration.


Manage maintenance with a comprehensive maintenance portal. Keep track of oil changes and completed service to manage costs and maintain vehicle health.


Get reports emailed to you on an automated basis or pull them from the system to confirm billable hours and payroll.

Mobile App

A mobile app for administrators and drivers. Drivers use the mobile app to verify the vehicle they are using and keep an accurate driver score.

Vehicle Diagnostics

GPS unit can pull diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) from vehicle, provide you with a notification, and a recommendation on how to correct the issue.

Driver Rewards

Reward drivers with virtual gift cards to their favorite places for good driving behavior.

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