Smart&EZ Program

Easy Installation

Plugs right into the vehicles OBD-II port. Still want access to the OBD-II port to get to the vehicle’s computer? Smart Fleet offers y-cables; a 3-wire splitter to free up the OBD-II port and give you the ability to tuck the unit behind the dash.

3-Wire Hardwired Technology

This hardwired device provides a covert and secure solution to your GPS needs. The assurance with a hardwired unit also may provide a discount with your insurance company.

This device requires 3-wires to track and is ELD compliant. The device also has an internal backup battery to allow it to continue tracking for a period of time, should it be removed from power (i.e. vehicle theft). 

Asset/Trailer Tracking Device

This trailer tracking device helps you keep track of where your trailers or assets are located, giving you peace of mind.

Helps eliminate wasted driver driver time and fuel consumption locating empty trailers.

This device is waterproof/weatherproof and is perfect for high value asset tracking or enterprise trailer tracking.

Smart&EZ Brochure


Get email and/or text notifications for events such as speeding, idling, harsh braking, and rapid acceleration.


Manage maintenance with a comprehensive maintenance portal and get DTC codes. Keep track of oil changes and completed service to manage costs and maintain vehicle health.


Get reports emailed to you on an automated basis or pull them from the system to confirm billable hours and payroll.

Mobile App

A mobile app for the ability to manage your fleet on-the-go.

Dispatch a Vehicle

Schedule last minute jobs by being able to locate the nearest vehicle and dispatch that driver to the location.

One Minute Updates

Get one minute updates on the plug and play and hardwired devices to get the clearest picture of your vehicle’s journey.

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