Integrated Solution

Get the entire picture with GPS tracking data in combination with dash camera videos.

Real-Time Alerts

Get alerts for speeding, idling, off-hour movement, driver behavior and more.

Reward Drivers

Use comprehensive data to reward good drivers with gift cards to retailers such as Walmart and Amazon.

Vehicle Safety

The combination of GPS and dash cameras creates the ultimate evidence-based insurance.

How the SafetyCam Works


OBD-II Device

OBD-II unit triggers events, like harsh braking or rapid acceleration, and communicates with the dash camera to begin recording.

Dash Camera

The dash camera records the event and sends it back to the GPS device.

Web Based System

The GPS device sends that video to the cloud server, which goes to your tracking system which can be accessed via desktop or mobile app. This process takes place in seconds.

Provide Your Fleet with the Safety they Deserve.

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Plug-N-Play GPS Tracking

The Plug-N-Play GPS tracking device makes for the fastest deployment across the fleet. Easily plug this unit right into the vehicle’s OBD-II port to begin tracking.

Easy Deployment

Easily deploy tracking across the entire fleet to begin tracking quickly.

Helpful Alerts

Get alerts to manage vehicle speeding, idling, off-hour usage, and driver behavior.

Internal Battery

Powered with an internal backup battery to keep tracking after the units been unplugged.

Maintenance Support

Maintenance support to help keep on top of oil changes and other vehicle maintenance.

What They’re Saying

Smart Fleet USA, thank you for your service. We recently had our newest Service Van stolen from our technicians home and we were able to contact the police and alert them to the location of the vehicle. Now we have our van back and thief is in jail. This happened in a matter of hours thanks to the GPS system.

Mike WilhiteAble Heating & Cooling

Begin Building Your Safer Fleet

Asset and Trailer Tracking Devices

Asset and Trailer Tracking Devices help keep track of expensive equipment. You can receive daily pings or 10 minute updates. These devices can create a radius around your asset or trailer, notifying you if they move outside of the boundary.

Replacing stolen equipment can be a hassle. Eliminate this feat by utilizing asset or trailer tracking.

Field Service Management

Our Most Popular Products in an Affordable Bundle

Talk about getting it all done. This package streamlines office operations, eliminates manual QuickBooks entries, gives you the tools to respond faster and accurately to customers, and helps you eliminate delayed receivables.

Field Service Management Software

Smart Fleet + eLogs

Monitoring Your Vehicles & Drivers Has Never Been Easier

Smart Fleet + eLogs is the complete solution for vehicle monitoring, driver scoring, and HOS/DVIR reporting. This tracking tool will help you boost performance and ensure FMSCA mandate compliance. Highlights include the ability to improve operations and service levels; decrease risky driving behaviors; improve duty status reporting; improve resource allocation; and meet all FMCSA compliance requirements.

Increase Your Fleet's Fuel Efficiency To Save Money

This fuel efficiency software will help you decrease fuel usage. It reduces fuel consumption by lowering your vehicle’s standard idle RPM and making eco-adjustments that don’t sacrifice performance. The result is an average savings of 6 to 10 percent on fuel usage.