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Smart Fleet Named Preferred Fleet Management Vendor by BuyMax, Paving the Way for Transformative Business Solutions

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In a strategic move that marks a significant milestone in the fleet management sectors, Smart Fleet has been officially designated as a preferred vendor by BuyMax. This partnership is set to revolutionize the way BuyMax members access and utilize fleet management solutions, offering unparalleled efficiency, cost savings, and operational excellence.

Smart Fleet, renowned for its innovative approach to fleet management, provides cutting-edge technology and comprehensive solutions that empower businesses to optimize their fleet operations. As a preferred vendor, Smart Fleet will offer BuyMax members exclusive benefits, including access to advanced GPS tracking, fuel management analytics, and safety compliance tools, all designed to enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs.

“Aligning with BuyMax as a preferred vendor is a significant achievement for Smart Fleet,” said Andrew Chermark, CEO of Smart Fleet. “This partnership underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional value and service to businesses nationwide. Together, we’re not just offering fleet management solutions; we’re transforming how businesses approach their operations, driving both economic and environmental sustainability.”

BuyMax, a leading purchasing network, specializes in connecting businesses with top-tier vendors, ensuring members receive the best products and services at significantly reduced rates. The collaboration with Smart Fleet aligns with BuyMax’s mission to add value to its members’ operations by providing access to quality, cost-effective solutions.

The partnership is expected to roll out effective immediately, with BuyMax members gaining access to Smart Fleet’s solutions at exclusive rates.

For more information about Smart Fleet’s offerings and how to take advantage of this partnership, BuyMax members are encouraged to visit Additional details about the benefits of BuyMax membership can be found at

About Smart Fleet

Smart Fleet stands at the forefront of the fleet management industry, providing innovative solutions that deliver measurable benefits. With a focus on leveraging technology to enhance efficiency and sustainability, Smart Fleet is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their operational goals.

About BuyMax

BuyMax operates as a premier purchasing network, offering businesses access to significant savings and efficiencies. Through strategic partnerships with leading vendors, BuyMax ensures its members benefit from the best deals, supporting business growth and profitability.


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