Unlock the potential of your field service operations with advanced technology, designed to streamline your fleet management and drive business growth.

In the fast-paced world of trades and field service, an efficient and reliable fleet is essential for having a smooth-running, top-notch organization. Managing a fleet effectively is no longer just about keeping track of vehicles, but about leveraging technology to make informed decisions with real-time visibility into the entire business to improve safety, reduce costs, and enhance operational efficiency. FieldPulse’s Fleet Tracking feature, powered by Smart Fleet’s technology, is a solution designed to support businesses to do exactly this.

FieldPulse, the #1 rated field service management software (FSM), offers an extensive suite of features designed to streamline operations for service-based businesses. With its powerful set of tools, field service companies no longer need to juggle paperwork, struggle with scheduling or waste time manually managing invoices and customer information. FieldPulse eliminates these challenges, allowing field service companies to focus on what they do best – serving their customers.

How Fleet Tracking Is Important For The Trades

  • Enhanced Productivity and Operations = More Revenue: With real-time tracking, dispatchers can assign the nearest available vehicle or technician to a job with route planning, minimizing travel time and ensuring quicker response times on jobs. This leads to more jobs completed per day, boosting overall productivity, increasing revenue, and encouraging better decision-making.
  • Cost Reduction = More Profit: Fuel costs, maintenance expenses, and vehicle wear and tear are significant overheads for trades businesses. Fleet tracking allows businesses to monitor driving behaviors and gas consumption, optimize routes, and schedule timely maintenance to extend vehicle lifespan, all of which contribute to substantial cost savings.
  • Improved Safety and Accountability = Better Insurance Rates: The ability to locate where vehicles are at any given time improves safety by enhancing driver accountability, as well as preventing theft. Features such as speed alerts and driving behavior, geofencing, and instant tracking help promote safe driving practices, reducing the risk of accidents. They also reduce associated liabilities and have shown to help decrease insurance rates for businesses.
  • Customer Satisfaction = More Customers: Accurate ETAs and the ability to provide real-time updates to customers improves the overall customer experience, driving repeat business, and improving the reputation of the company. Timely and reliable service is also a key factor in getting positive reviews and attracting new customers.
  • Video Evidence and Enhanced Safety = Insurance Discounts: Business owners can see their vehicle insurance costs reduced by as much as 10% annually with dash cameras installed in their trucks.



Beyond Fleet Tracking: Comprehensive Solutions from FieldPulse

The powerful tools of an FSM go beyond offering a robust fleet tracking solution. FieldPulse’s FSM platform is designed to meet the unique needs of every company, providing all the tools necessary to streamline business operations in one powerful, user-friendly platform. In addition to the platform features, there are a variety of benefits and value-adds available to FieldPulse customers that further enhance their experience.

FieldPulse Benefits:

  • Streamline operations with one platform
  • Fully tailored to how the company works
  • Easily adjust schedules to last-minute changes
  • Track the locations of work vehicles in real-time, directly from the app
  • Manage customer feedback and scale customer reviews
  • Use integrated pricebooks from supplier partners
  • Manage on-time arrival for customers and maximize technician capacity
  • Generate professional proposals and invoices on-site with just one click
  • Easily track, manage, and update all customers

FieldPulse Value Adds:

FieldPulse customers get access to the following special programs that they can leverage in both their professional and personal lives.

  • Free Membership to the USA Partner Network
    • Get exclusive discounts from Home Depot, Behr Paints, Milwaukee Tools, Sunoco Fuels, and more!
  • Free Membership to the Bridgestone National Account Program
    • Typically only available to large fleet owners, members will get exclusive discounts on new Bridgestone & Firestone tires and vehicle maintenance at 6,700 affiliated locations across America.
  • Free Account with BlueRecruit – A Job Platform Built For The Trades
    • Recruit and hire skilled trades for your company through this matchmaking platform with over 60,000 candidates across 16 trade industries.

FieldPulse’s Fleet Tracking feature, powered by Smart Fleet’s technology, is not just a tool for managing vehicles—it’s a comprehensive solution designed to elevate every aspect of a business’ field service operations. By enhancing productivity, reducing costs, improving safety, and boosting customer satisfaction, FieldPulse helps its customers drive efficiency and growth for their business. Beyond fleet tracking, FieldPulse’s full suite of field service management tools, exclusive benefits, and value-add programs, make FieldPulse stand out as the ultimate solution For Those Who Need More.

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