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What You Need to Know About Driver Scorecards

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What is a Driver Scorecard?

A driver scorecard is a tool for evaluating the performance of your drivers based on measurable driving metrics. Scores are points given to drivers based on their driving behavior. It helps you identify best-performing drivers, as well as high-risk drivers in your organization.

Smart Fleet generates scores for events such as hard braking, speeding, hard acceleration, idling, cornering, distracted driving, and seatbelt usage. It calculates scores on a scale of 0-100.

Scores are generated daily, for the previous day’s driving.

How is the Driver Score Calculated?

Combined with unsafe driving events, the Driver Score is calculated based on the following parameters:

  • Magnitude of events: For example, a hard brake is a change of speed of 8-10
    MPH in ONE second.
  • Duration: For example, the number of seconds driving above the speed limit
  • Spatio-temporal index: Helps give a perspective on when the event occurred
    and how well the driver behaved when conditions were adverse. For example,
    speed during snow conditions.

Min. weightage represents min. weight when weightage is enabled.

  • Scenario – If there are 10 drivers in a fleet, additional 2 packages are activated
    for 2 drivers. So scoring/ranking will be based on how many event types are

    • Score computed will be based on 100 points for all drivers but the
      additional parameters will be considered for drivers that have additional
      packs. The ranking will still be amongst all.

Why is it Important?

Lack of safety can be crippling to any business, whether it’s fuel costs, labor costs, or just vehicle wear and tear. It can also lead to higher insurance costs, maintenance costs and negative business reputation.

With the ability to monitor your drivers through driver scorecards, you are able to take corrective AND preventative action.

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