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What Can GPS Tracking Do?

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GPS tracking offers many features and solutions to a fleet of vehicles. It doesn’t matter if the fleet as one, or one hundred, gps tracking can still cut back on costs and increase savings. 


Alerts are predetermined thresholds that allow users to get notifications when that threshold is broken. These alerts can be set up for things such as speeding, idling, and off hour usage. Additionally, Smart Fleet has programs with more cutting edge alerts, like diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) and seat belt usage alerts. 


Organizing information within a fleet of vehicles can be difficult to manage. With reports, users can access detailed information of their fleet. Run specific reports to view start-stop times and addresses, as well as duration of the stops. Run reports to verify when drivers turn ignitions on in the morning and off at the end of the day. Even run reports on maintenance and maintenance costs entered to determine if it’s time to replace a vehicle or keep servicing it. 

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