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Value of Landmarks

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The Value of Landmarks and their Associated Alerts and Reporting Data

Don’t Underestimate the value of Landmarks and the use of their associated Alerts and Reporting Data!

The use of Landmarks in conjunction with the establishment of entering and exiting alerts and their use in reports have significant value and should not be overlooked. For example, many service related companies have service contracts which come up for renewal. The use of landmark reports to determine the number of times a business’s employee service that account (Landmark) including the total amount of time invested within that account (Landmark) is critical business data need to determine if that service contract should be renewed and at what price. This software functionality will provide that visibility within minutes for any given timeline, but only if you create Landmarks.

This is also an important tool for time and materials type billing, or a job you won based upon a bid and whereas you may also have multiple vehicles/employees working on it. Just imagine the value this tool will provide to determine your profit margin and or analyze your overall bid margin or to justify any project or job overruns!

The creation of a Landmark is fast and easy and can be incorporated into your Vehicle Tracking software in many ways consisting of almost any size or dimension or color. We’ve even made our software intelligent enough so that once you create a Landmark it is able to go back and incorporate that into all of the historical data captured by our software servers. You even have a Landmark Import Tool enabling you to enter an unlimited number of them in minutes.

Many customers use landmark city, county or state boundaries to manage their employees and assets. Some customers have even landmarked their business and or employee homes to use as productivity related data and furthermore, by including these landmarks as alerts you can receive information near “real time” as vehicle enter and/or exit or both including the time spent within it.

Landmarks are one of the most common utilized and valuable tools available that should not be overlooked.

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