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This Gets Personal…

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We need to get personal… as in personal time versus work time. This seemingly minor distinction could be costing you quite a bit of money.

Do Your Drivers…

GPS Tracking allows us to take a deep dive into driver behavior. Not because we want to be Big Brother or anything weird like that, but because you’re running a business here. Because responsibility matters. Accountability matters. And, saving money on wasted time, wasted fuel, unnecessary maintenance, and safety protocols ALL MATTER.

Again, we’re getting “personal” here… let’s break down what your drivers might be doing, albeit innocently, behind your back.

Do Your Drivers... Live Near the Area They Service?

If so, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that they, between routes, stop home once in a while. Even if it’s just 30 minutes to check on the dog or grab a sandwich, that time is a problem and we’ll explain why after this next question…

Do Your Drivers... Take The Vehicle Home At Night Or Over The Weekends?

This is pretty common and isn’t necessarily breaking any rules, right? If they have a super early shift or need to get to a job first thing in the morning, keeping it overnight seems like the logical thing to do. Likewise, if they have some weekend shifts to tackle, it makes sense for them to have the vehicle at home. It’s when those vehicles are doing MORE than just their scheduled shifts that this becomes a problem…

When This Becomes a Problem...

1. When a Driver Stops at Home

If one of your drivers is paid $20 an hour and stops at home every week for 30 minutes, that equates to $40 out of your pocket per month. Seems small, but add that up and it equates to nearly $500 per year! Let’s put this into perspective, if you correct this one behavior from this one driver, your investment in Smart Fleet GPS Tracking Software is typically recouped in 5-6 months. Add the savings of eliminating this fuel cost and you now have a Return on Investment in a mere 2-3 months. That’s the financial power of this data and of behavioral tracking.

2. The Dangers of Joyriding

Something as innocent as a driver picking their daughter up from school with a fleet vehicle, or swinging by the Chinese restaurant to pick up food for the family over the weekend, grabbing something at the gas station, etc. is dangerous. Beyond the financial savings of unscheduled fuel being used, there’s a huge safety risk at play. This is off-hours driving. And, as we know, ANYTIME we drive, it’s a risk. The last thing you’d want to happen to your driver, your vehicle, or your business is an accident that is your driver’s fault during non-working hours. Talk about a legal nightmare!

GPS Tracking Software Cuts the Crap

That’s why we say, it’s personal. Again, you’re running a business here. These small, seemingly innocent and insignificant, side routes are putting everything at risk. It’s time to cut the crap and track this behavior. Not to scold or punish drivers, but to protect them, to protect your fleet, and to protect your company.

Smart Fleet’s GPS Tracking Software notifies you the moment the ignition is started during off hours. It’ll also notify you when a route outside of scheduled routes and outside of route hours is being taken. Tracking and Managing this kind of behavior is an absolute must.

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