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The Benefits of Field Service Management

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Field service management software is a trade service business’ most critical tool. From construction workers and engineers to plumbers and HVAC technicians, having a centralized piece of software that can handle most office-related tasks can take a load off an already tedious job.

But what features do you need in a field service management software? And once you decide on a particular solution, will it be easy to train your employees on how to use it? No matter which solution you end up with, we think these five features are essential in running a stress-free operation.

The Top 5 Field Management Software Features

1. Fleet Management

Protecting company assets and ensuring employee safety are usually high on the list of field service companies. From performing home services like installations and inspections to dispatching field technicians to new jobs, having a fleet management solution allows you to cut unnecessary fuel costs, save on labor, and provide a better customer experience. For example, intelligent routing takes away the guesswork of choosing the most efficient routes your technicians should take. Compatible dash cams provide a continuous feed of your drivers and can act as evidence should the need arise.

Other features include GPS tracking for vehicles and trailers, intelligent fuel management solutions, and powerful log management that’s FMCSA compliant.

2. Powerful CRM

The best field service management software handles customer management with ease. Field service technicians can enter customer data quickly from mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, or computers. And because this information lives in the cloud, everything stays in sync between the back office and field teams.

3. Accounting and Payments

One of the biggest boons for excellent field service management software is the ability to handle client invoicing while in the field. For example, a plumber can quickly quote, collect the payment, and issue a receipt for a water heater repair while on the job site. This provides a convenient experience for the customer and boosts cash flow. Lastly, field service management software should communicate with popular accounting systems like Quickbooks easily. That communication eliminates double-entry and reduces the overall time spent managing the books.

4. Reporting

Any business software should include a robust reporting system. The reports it generates should be thorough yet easy to read and comprehend. You should be able to quickly see critical business information such as total jobs completed, year-to-date revenue, and other valuable insights.

5. Productivity

Productivity isn’t a feature so much as it’s an effect of excellent field service management software. Utilizing the above key features, employees can focus less on the hassles of phone calls, schedule checks, and other tasks that can be difficult to handle from the field. Instead, technicians should feel empowered by the ability to concentrate on their jobs while knowing that most of the “busy work” is already complete.

A Better Way to Manage Business

At Smart Fleet, we understand the challenges field service businesses face. We provide an innovative software solution for companies that are tired of software that doesn’t work for them.

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