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Smart Fleet Upgrades

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When GPS tracking began, 2G technology was used in the devices to report to cell phone towers.  Just as our cell phones have evolved over the years, so has GPS tracking.

Newer GPS units use 3G technology.  To keep up with the rapid evolution of the technology, cell phone towers are removing their 2G technology and these devices are starting to have issues.

To keep our customers up to date and tracking, Smart Fleet is offering a 2G upgrade program!  With our 2G upgrade program customers receive new devices and the option to stay on their current system or switch to a new system with different features.  As always, we offer our customers free demos to test out the new systems before buying.

To keep the expenses low, we give our customers a discount for upgrading multiple units.  We top out our expense at $300 and after that, we offer the customer free equipment!

If you still have old devices, call 732-722-7725 to get your units upgraded to the newest technology!

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