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Smart Fleet – Reduce Fuel Costs

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Reduce your Overall Vehicle Fuel and Maintenance Costs by Monitoring and Reducing Idle Time!

Fuel cost and vehicle maintenance are two of the largest expenses for fleet companies.  Whether your company has a fleet of cars, light duty to heavy duty trucks, or a combination of all, vehicle maintenance and fuel costs continue to have a negative impact on a company’s profit.

Smart Fleet provides the tools that will allow you to manage, and more importantly reduce your fuel cost, maintenance cost, and overall wear & tear on your vehicles.

On average, one hour of idle time equates to one gallon of gas.  By utilizing the idle reports and notifications from Smart Fleet, fleet managers can now monitor their fleet’s idle time, and use that data to provide coaching to drivers to reduce their overall idling time.  A fleet manager can receive an instant notification of drivers idling over a certain time threshold, or an automated report daily with idling violations.

Fuel and maintenance cost can be overwhelming for companies and fleet managers.  Through the use of our driver behavior (speeding, acceleration, hard braking, and hard turning), reports and notifications you can identify speeding violators, whether is it based on the posted speed or a speeding threshold.  Also you will be able to identify drivers that are abusing your company vehicles.

The Smart Fleet solution also provides the ability to automate your regularly scheduled maintenance reminders from oil changes, air filter, tire rotations, safety checks, and anything else that is measured by miles or engine hours.

The tools, reports, and notifications available through Smart Fleet will allow you to reduce your idling time, speeding, improve your driver behavior, and stay ahead of the maintenance of your fleet.  All of these factors will have a positive impact on your fuel cost, vehicle maintenance cost, wear & and tear on your vehicles, and extend the life of your fleet

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