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Smart Fleet GPS Tracking – Automated Reports

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Want to know what your drivers are doing? Our automated reports can be sent to you to help track your fleet!

Through all of our platform you can set up automated reports or we can set them up for you! You can set your alerts to come daily, weekly, or monthly by email and/or text.  You can receive automated reports for start/stop, alert summary, and fleet report card.

The fleet report card reports data such as driving distance, maximum speed, and driving hour or time spent driving.  By looking at our start/stop report, you can see a breakdown of each trip into start and stop times, travel time, travel distance, stop duration, idle duration, address of start/stop, and totals of all trips.  The alert summary report will give you a sheet of every alert you received over the chosen range – whether it be speeding, idling, off hour, maintenance, enter and exit geofence, and power lose and reconnect events.

With automated reports you won’t have to be constantly checking in to see what your drivers are doing.  You can look in once place for a summary of all of their activity.  Many employers even choose to file these automated reports to look back on a later date and keep detailed records!

You can’t manage what you can’t see!

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