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Smart Fleet GPS – Dispatching

By July 7, 2016No Comments

Do you ever get a call and wonder which of your drivers is closest?  Does one driver need something and another has to deliver to them?  We can solve these issues with our dispatching features!

Some of our platforms offer multiple dispatch options.  With these, you can see which driver is closest to a selected address.  This is can help cut down on commute time, gas, and fit in extra stops each day!

With the ‘Nearest’ option on our Smart Scout platform, you can also find out which driver is closest to another.  This can be extremely helpful if one driver needs some equipment or part from another vehicle.

On our newest Smart & EZ platform, you can enter an address and have it sent directly to your drivers phone!

Call or click today to schedule a demo and figure out which platform works best for you and your needs!


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