Outward Camera Dash Cam

outward camera dash camMany fleet owners wonder how they can increase the security of their fleet vehicles. Installing an outward camera dash cam on a fleet vehicle provides an easy method of tracking driver behaviors and gathering valuable video data when accidents and other roadway incidents occur. Outward camera dash cam systems offer greater security, peace of mind, and the ability to expand fleet operations with more confidence.

Smart Fleet offers two varieties of outward camera dash cam configurations: passive dash camera systems that offer continuous recording and highlight capturing technology, and connected camera systems with outward camera dash cam configuration for real-time recording and emailed incident alerts.

Benefits of Outward Camera Dash Cam Systems

Fleet owners need to ensure every trip offers maximum value, and an outward camera dash cam can provide additional security and greater accountability for drivers. An outward camera dash cam from Smart Fleet features robust hardware security to prevent tampering and SD card removal. Outward camera dash cams provide an uninterrupted view of every trip, and fleet owners can customize the type of recording systems they prefer thanks to the flexibility of the Smart Fleet platform. The benefits of installing an outward camera dash cam on a fleet vehicle include:

  • Greater driver accountability. Drivers will be much more likely to follow advised routes, drive safely, and refrain from unauthorized vehicle usage when they have outward camera dash cam systems in their work vehicles.
  • Protection for insurance purposes. An outward camera dash cam can capture accident footage to help provide liability after an accident.
  • Customizable integration. Smart Fleet outward camera dash cam systems can integrate with other Smart Fleet services as well as other enterprise applications like FieldPulse and Garmin technology.

Smart Fleet offers two varieties of outward camera dash cam systems: passive cameras and connected camera systems.

Passive Outward Camera Dash Cam System Capabilities

Passive camera systems from Smart Fleet feature outward camera dash cam systems that start recording as soon as a driver engages the vehicle’s ignition and stop once the driver cuts the engine at a destination. These outward camera dash cam systems provide up to 3.5 hours of uninterrupted recording at 720p and 30 frames per second for stellar high-definition video quality. It’s also possible to extend recording time by slightly lowering video quality, but the end result is still a high-quality video recording that uses a continuous loop recording cycle. As the outward camera dash cam system captures new footage it overwrites the oldest footage while preserving key highlights.

Smart Fleet’s outward camera dash cam devices feature internal accelerometers that can capture highlights from G-force events like accidents. Drivers can also press a button on the outward camera dash cam device to capture a highlight in real time. This helps fleet owners preserve key video footage for use in insurance claims.

Connected Camera Systems With Outward Camera Dash Cams

Smart Fleet also offers outward camera dash cam systems using connected camera systems with SmartWitness technology. The SmartWitness tool captures telematics fleet owners can use to exonerate drivers of false insurance claims from other drivers. This telematics system can also lead to insurance discounts and inherently reduce accident claims frequently. Connected camera systems with outward camera dash cams can also integrate with the SmartMail system to keep fleet owners and supervisors connected to drivers and devices seamlessly with intuitive messaging capabilities.

Enhance Fleet Security With Outward Camera Dash Cam Systems on Your Fleet Vehicles

Business owners who run companies of all sizes always need reliable security in place to protect their company assets, improve customer experiences, and enhance overall productivity. Outward camera dash cam technology from Smart Fleet provides all these benefits in a customizable, flexible, and scalable platform.

With three different service tiers available, fleet owners can customize every aspect of their Smart Fleet platform with the ongoing support of the Smart Fleet team. Whether your organization has one work vehicle or a thousand of them, outward camera dash cam installation could be a highly effective investment that provides peace of mind and allows you to expand your fleet operations with greater confidence.

About Smart Fleet

Smart Fleet is a leading provider of GPS tracking technology for fleet owners of all sizes. Our customizable platform provides fleet owners with an intuitive way to maintain complete control over their fleet vehicles, identify problems in real time using advanced monitoring technology, and access to a robust set of back-end support services including report generation and many additional options at different service levels.

Why Choose Smart Fleet for GPS Fleet Tracking?

Cofounders Andrew and Elizabeth Chermark built Smart Fleet in 2008 on a foundation of their combined experience in the fields of financial management and wireless communication. The Chermarks built Smart Fleet to fulfill a pressing need in the United States shipping industry: an intuitive way to track fleet vehicles, improve road safety, and manage fleets more efficiently. Thanks to the Chermarks’ experience in wireless management, vehicle use optimization, and maximizing productivity, they developed Smart Fleet into the robust and successful brand it is today.

Smart Fleet provides each client with the tools necessary to track their fleets more effectively, plan their routes more efficiently, and streamline their operations to make them more profitable. Today, Smart Fleet provides custom GPS fleet tracking services across 43 states and Canada.

Benefits of the Smart Fleet GPS Fleet Tracking System

Many GPS tracking service providers only offer limited back-end support or no support at all, selling customers GPS tracking hardware with little to no instruction as to how to get the most value out of it. Smart Fleet takes a different approach by providing a robust selection of hardware and services and guidance for using all these tools to maximum effect.

The Smart Fleet GPS Fleet Tracking System offers fleet owners the choice between hardwired GPS tracking devices and convenient plug and play systems with optional dashboard camera functionality. These tools are just one layer of the service provided by Smart Fleet.

Fleet owners can choose one of three levels of service for their organizations based on how much back-end support and customization they require. Each level of service comes with the same high-quality hardware and reliable software in an intuitive format, all backed by the support and guidance of the Smart Fleet team. Fleet owners can enjoy several valuable benefits by investing in a Smart Fleet GPS fleet tracking system:

  • Real time GPS tracking. Smart Fleet hardware offers advanced positioning technology so fleet owners can track their fleet vehicles’ positions at any time from any approved device.
  • Automatic report generation. The Smart Fleet system offers automatic report generation, providing fleet owners with useful data so they can make more informed decisions about their business operations and future investments.
  • Customizable alerts. Fleet owners can set alerts at various thresholds. For example, it’s possible to tailor the system to send an alert whenever a driver enters or leaves certain geofenced areas or travels at certain speeds. Alerts can also notify fleet owners and fleet supervisors of idling time and drivers using their vehicles for unauthorized purposes.
  • Video telematics. Video recording technology allows fleet owners to retain invaluable footage to handle insurance claims.
  • Vehicle maintenance alerts. GPS fleet tracking devices from Smart Fleet connect to vehicle systems and can alert fleet supervisors of maintenance problems as soon as they appear.
  • Instant Location. The Instant Locate command allows fleet owners to find a vehicle’s position almost instantly.
  • Streamlined routes. Reports generated from the Smart Fleet system allow fleet owners to develop more efficient routes and lower their fueling costs.
  • Improved customer experiences. Greater efficiency means streamlined operations and happier customers.
  • Increased productivity. Insights gained from Smart Fleet report data can help fleet owners make data-driven decisions, and the vehicle monitoring hardware can increase driver accountability.

These are just a few of the reasons why Smart Fleet has become the leading choice among fleet owners in the US for robust and reliable systems for tracking their fleet vehicles. The Smart Fleet team has more than a decade of professional experience working with all types of fleets of various sizes and can help fleet owners streamline their processes with added confidence thanks to state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology. Contact our team at Smart Fleet today.