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Outward Camera Dash Cam to Keep Drivers Safe

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Outward Camera Dash Cam's to Help Combat Red Light Accidents

Anyone who has driven a car has most likely run a red light, whether it be on accident or purposefully. The incidences are now often caught on outward camera dash cam’s which can be used to provide evidence of the event.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), 890 people were killed in crashes that involved red light running in 2017. Of those, half were pedestrians, bicyclists and people in other vehicles who had been hit by the vehicle running the red light. Additionally, 132,000 people were injured during red light related crashes in 2017.

Safety Coach Driving Instruction

Running a red light can be dangerous, even fatal to the driver, or other people around the driver. This is why outward camera dash cam’s can be so beneficial. The first benefit is that the company owner can see their drivers poor behavior. If a driver speeds through a red light, the owner can see this behavior and address it with their driver to prevent a future accident.

With SmartScout Elite, there is also an integration with DrivActiv, a SafetyCoach system. This system sends lessons right to a driver’s mobile device so they can learn how to drive safer. These lessons are 15-20 minutes long, which include knowledge checks prior to completion. Additionally, drivers get videos sent to them every Monday specifically tailored to their driving behavior. So if the driver is speeding through red lights, the driver would get videos tailored to help educate them on that poor behavior.

Keeping Drivers Safe

The outward camera dash cam can assist fleet owners when their driver’s are struck by red light runners as well. If another driver runs a red light and causes an accident with your driver and vehicle, the camera will record this event. This allows fleet owners to be protected against false claims and for a speedy process through legal. It keeps fleet owner’s drivers protected by providing undeniable witness evidence which could help exonerate the driver.  

Any driver can be at risk, either from their own behavior or the behaviors of others. Keeping drivers up to date on safer driving practices can assist them. Having cameras on both the driver and the road can help determine fleet owners plan for action. Do the driver’s need more assistance in safer driving? Or are has the driver fallen victim to another driver’s poor driving? Either way, keeping them safe it a fleet owners main priority which Smart Fleet is here to do!

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