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Maintenance Alerts

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Smart Fleet offers maintenance alerts on all 3 platform!

More than just alerts, Smart Fleet offers way to help you better maintain your fleet.

On Smart & EZ, we help you set up an upcoming maintenance report.  Through this report, which you can receive daily, weekly, or monthly, you can see how far each vehicle is from their next schedule maintenance.

On Smart Fleet Nspire you have the option to create maintenance alerts by time, distance, or engine hours.  This is the perfect way to manage not only oil changes but tire rotations, state inspections, and guideline reviews.

Smart Fleet Prime has the most state of the art maintenance design.  On both standard and pro you can do what all of the other systems offer.  However on pro, you can also do service notes.  This is a great way to keep track of what you are paying for service throughout the year and track your costs!


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