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How to Deploy GPS Tracking

By January 3, 2019No Comments

So you’ve done your research into GPS tracking but now comes the time to consider how it will impact your drivers. If you are concerned about employee resistance, here are a few things to consider. First, your best employees won’t mind GPS. Your best employees are already doing their job, and know what they’re doing. Sometimes these star employees even end up pulling the weight of other employees. Adding GPS can help ensure equality of work being done as well as performance.

Second, when things are easier for you, they’re easier for your employees. When you can verify where your driver’s are, or pull reports that make payroll smoother, your employees will gain more. Decreasing any confusion in the fleet and increasing efficiency only means a happier staff because who doesn’t love when things go right?

Lastly, you can utilize GPS to create team morale. Using gift cards or cash incentives for the driver with the lowest speed alerts or least amount idling time can be a great way to reward driver’s for good behavior. It can help push other driver’s to perform better, knowing there’s a reward for good driving behavior!

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