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How Does It Work?

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How does GPS tracking work?another sat sf

There are 24 government satellites that track GP.  All you need is 3 satellites to triangulate on your GPS unit.  When the satellites lock onto your device, they provide you with data such as latitude, longitude, and speed. When 6-10 satellites lock on your GPS device, the system can get as close as 15-30 feet of your vehicles location!  The more satellites available in your area, the more accurate your results will be!

sat sfBut how do you access this information?

GPS is very simple.  All of this data is stored inside of your GPS unit, which is called automatic vehicle location technology (AVL).  The data collected is forwarded to a cellular network using the same technology as your mobile device!  The information is then uploaded to a data center, which you can access over the internet.

It’s all internet based, so anywhere you can access the internet, you can access your fleet!  Whether it’s from the office or on the road, our GPS tracking system can help you manage and maintain your fleet!

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