Last week, Smart Fleet GPS, along with many others took part in the 2020 NJ TransAction Conference. For the first time, this event was completely virtual which allowed many people to attend the conference and chat with us!

At the NJ TransAction event, Smart Fleet GPS highlighted their Live AI SafetyCam. The Live AI SafetyCam is equipped with multi-sensor HD cameras providing fleets with access to live and recorded video events of harsh driving incidents. Using artificial intelligence and computer vision, the SafetyCam detects distracted driving, driver drowsiness and unsafe driving behaviors, assisting drivers with real-time audio and visual alerts.

The Live AI SafetyCam grows with your fleet’s needs and works seamlessly with our mobile application to provide an integrated solution that delivers real benefits that help reduce risk, coach drivers and improve safety.

80% of car crashes are attributed to distracted driving. By utilizing a Live AI SafetyCam, drivers can get the real-time audio and visual alerts they need to stay on task with their driving. In addition to benefiting your drivers driving ability, the SafetyCam also keeps you and drivers protected against false claims. Visual evidence is powerful and helps give the entire picture of what occurred. SafetyCams can reduce insurance claims and exonerate your drivers with video evidence that stores in the cloud.