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Heating up with Fleet GPS Tracking

By May 27, 2015No Comments

The summer heat is nearly upon on us and that can mean a lot of things for fleet managers.

The first thing that the heat can do is increase your drivers idle time.

When the sun is pounding down and the sweat is starting to sink in, your drivers are going to want to keep that cool AC running. This can lead to wasted fuel and it can even damage your vehicle’s engine.

For every half hour spent idling, it’s a half a gallon of gas wasted. Gas prices are steadily climbing, meaning more money lost.

With Smart Fleet’s helpful idling alerts, fleet managers can virtually sit in the passenger seat of your driver’s vehicles’.

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Another thing that happens is stress.

The average workday can cause stress on anyone, but add the factor of heat and dehydration and it can amplify it.

When drivers are stressed, it can cause them to speed or drive erratically (short stops, harsh braking, etc).

Smart Fleet GPS Tracking offers a way to manage your driver’s speed and their driving behavior.

The summer brings the heat and Smart Fleet is here to help you battle it.