Hardwired GPS Tracking for Business

The hardwired GPS tracking devices have been in the market for business since the GPS tracking industry began. As technology has improved overtime, the hardwired GPS has improved. The device is installed in an easy 3-wire install, allowing for practically any person to be able to install the device into their vehicle.

While there is other equipment on the market, such as a plug and play device, the hardwire device remains many customers device of preference. Hardwire units are easier to covertly install, as the device is installed underneath the dashboard of the vehicle. The device is completely out-of-sight by the driver, so they could be installed covertly. The devices being installed with wiring and under the dash also make it more difficult for a driver to try and tamper with the device. While a driver could just unplug a plug and play unit from the OBD-II, the hardwired unit is much more difficult for a driver to remove.

Insurance Discounts

An additional benefit to the hardwired is the insurance discount. Many insurance companies will offer you discounts on your insurance for having hardwired GPS tracking for your business. Insurance companies have also begun offering discounts for dash camera utilization as well. The more information the insurance companies can verify, with the use of tracked data and visual evidence, the greater the likelihood for a discount.

Whether your business decides to use hardwired or plug and play GPS, the software is the same cutting-edge technology. The system is the most up to date in the market and offers many different features that allow fleet managers to operate their fleets smoothly. Features include alerts and reports, real-time tracking, and google maps integration. The system is also easy to use so no matter what equipment you end up choosing, the system still allows for an ease of use.

Lastly, no matter the equipment, your company still gets the benefit of working with a small business. Smart Fleet is a small family-owned business which means we eliminate the frustration of working with a large companies.