How GPS Tracking Works

  • GPS tracking operates off of 24 government satellites, of which you only need 3 to triangulate on the device to track your vehicle.
  • From the satellites, the information is then stored in the GPS tracking unit.The unit holds information, such as the LAT and LONG.
  • This device is plugged in and powered by your vehicle, whether the vehicle is on or off. From the satelittes and having power, the GPS devices knows your vehicles current location and tracks it as it moves.
  • The device forwards this information to the cellular wireless network, where it utilizes the cell towers across the country.
  • All of this is then forwarded to the internet, which you can access via desktop computer, cellphone, or a tablet.

This whole process takes seconds, transferring data at high speed rates to get you the current location of your vehicles as soon as possible. In addition to the current location, the GPS device also stores things like ignition events, speeding events, idling, and much more!