Constant GPS Updates

We live in a fast-paced tech driven society. What this means for businesses, is that GPS tracking software is constantly improving! As technology grows, so do the features available within the system, many of which are included in a base rate. This also means the competition is fierce, and while many GPS companies offer similar software, they’re constantly looking at ways they can provide more than their competitor.

Included Features

GPS software includes many features, such as live-tracking updates, recording events such as speeding, idling, and driver behavior, and the ability to receive automated alerts and reports. But how do you know the software you’re looking at is offering the latest in GPS tracking? Some features are newer than others, such as posted speed limit monitoring. Posted speed limit monitoring works hand-in-hand with Google Maps, recording the posted speed limits and notifying the system when a vehicle exceeds the posted speed.

An additional feature is diagnostic trouble codes. GPS tracking software for businesses should offer diagnostic trouble codes to help the company monitor their vehicle’s health. If a device plugs directly into the OBD-II port, why wouldn’t it be able to send a DTC code directly to the GPS system? Newer software on the market offers this solution, so that businesses can see if any of their vehicles have a DTC and what that code means.

Dash Camera Integration

Another feature is integration with dash cameras. Dash cameras are the newest feature on the market, but not all GPS companies integrate seamlessly with dash cameras. It can be frustrating for a fleet manager to have to switch between their GPS system and dash camera system to compare information. It’s much easier, and much more user friendly, to be able to see all tracking data and dash cam data right in the same place! Finding the right GPS tracking software is essential for businesses in this fast paced world we live in!