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GPS Tracking in Texas

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Smart Fleet GPS tracking serves all of Texas – and the entire United States & Canada! In Texas especially, having your drivers on massive highways can give you a major concern of whether or not they’re speeding. With Smart Fleet GPS, we can help you manage and maintain your fleets speeding by providing you with alerts. With these alerts, you can set it up to receive an email/text message whenever a driver in your fleet exceeds a speed you don’t want them to. So if you don’t want your driver’s exceeding 20 mph, 10 mph, or even 5 mph over the speed limit, you can get an alert for that! Additionally, Smart Fleet GPS also provides you with powerful reports you can pull or get sent via email/text that give you a summary of all the speeding within your fleet. This information can help you curb unwanted behaviors in your fleet and keep both your drivers and the public safe! Find out more on how Smart Fleet GPS can help Texas fleet’s by viewing what other alerts we have!

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