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GPS Fleet Tracking – Covert Units

Want to track your fleet without them know? We have a way!

Both our hardwired and plug and play units can be installed without your drivers knowing!  Hardwired units are hooked up directly to the vehicle wires and are hidden behind the dashboard.  Plug and play units are plugged directly into your vehicle’s OBD-II port.  Using our Y-cables, you can install the unit behind the dash and use the y-cable splitter to hide the unit.  With the y-cable, the OBD-II port can still be used as normal for mechanical purposes and your driver will never know the difference!

With torque seal, you can place a small layer around the edge of the unit to know if the unit has been unplugged.  Torque seal is useful for plug and play units that are not hidden to prevent tampering!

Covert units are not only great for your driver, but are also an excellent theft prevent measure!  With units being hidden behind the dashboard, someone trying to steal your vehicle won’t even know it’s there and allows you to continue tracking the vehicle and have a greater chance of recovering lost items!

Call or email us today to set up a demo! You can’t manage what you can’t see!

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