Passive Camera Systems

Cyl-V™ is a single outward facing camera offering incredible HD video telematics and audio (configurable setting – on/off) recording, which is saved to a micro SD card.

Rosco Cyl-V

Secured with a unique lock so that it can’t be removed, tampered with, or have the micro SD card taken, and hardwired for automatic startup and shutdown with vehicle ignition (or even record after ignition shut-off by option), Cyl-V™ is in a class of its own. Recording time varies with video quality selected, but a minimum of 3.5 continuous hours recording at HD 720 and 30 frames per second is possible.

Cyl-V Player

The video telematics works in a loop format and runs infinitely, replacing oldest video footage with newest. Unlike most SD card recording devices, Cyl-V™ never requires SD card reformatting. A built in accelerometer precisely calculates G-force events and highlights this video footage so that risky, distracted, or concerning behavior can be spotted immediately upon video review.