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Freeze your Fleet’s Idling

By February 23, 2015March 9th, 2015No Comments

snow with borderThis year the U.S. has been experiencing a wave of cold winter weather and chances are your fleet is busy at work and has the heat cranking.

Whether it’s the vans idling in the morning to warm up or your drivers neglecting to turn them off at jobs so they stay toasty, the issue still remains.

Your fleet is idling. For every hour a van idles, it’s a half a gallon of gas.

So how do you battle your fleet’s idling?

GPS tracking offers alerts that you can receive to let you know that a member of your team is idling. And better yet, you can have the idling fleet member alerted when they surpass your threshold. This lets them know that you know they’re idling and that they better shut of the van or get moving.