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Fleet Tracking Management – Idling

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For every half an hour a vehicle idles, a half a gallon of gas is wasted.

Managing your fleet’s idling may seem like an impossible feat. You have too many driver’s and not enough time to check in with them to make sure they aren’t idling.

Smart Fleet offers an easy solution to manage your fleet’s idling, and that’s through our idling alerts.

Idling alerts are set up by you, and can be sent out to anyone in your office, and even to your driver’s.

Sending the alerts to your driver’s is a great self-policing mechanism that allows your driver’s to know that you know that they’re idling.

So you can have alerts sent out alerting you and driver’s when they’ve been idling for 30, 20, or maybe even 15 minutes and they better turn off the van or start moving. checking phone sf

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