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Fleet Tracking GPS: Off Hour Alerts

By May 4, 2015No Comments

Smart Fleet GPS tracking offers and abundance of alerts. One of our best alerts for business managers is our off hour alert.

With the off hour alert, you can set up a time frame for when your drivers are allowed to be driving. If they drive anytime past the threshold you give them, you will be instantly alerted via text and/or email.

For example, you do not allow your driver’s to drive the vehicles out on the weekend. If any of your drivers were to drive at anytime during the weekend, you would get an alert.

This allows business owners and fleet managers to be able to easily and efficiently know if their fleet is driving when they aren’t supposed to be.

When your vehicles are moving around when they aren’t supposed to be, you’re losing gas and money.

Off hour alerts can help you manage your team and your fuel, saving you money and overall helping to increase your bottom line.