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Fleet Tracking for Towing Companies

By May 6, 2015No Comments

When you have vehicles responding to customer calls 24/7 who are towing anything from a broken down SUV to a brand new house, you want to make sure that your fleet is on time and are being safe.

For towing companies, tracking can help manage your team’s efficiency, making sure they get to jobs on time.

Smart Fleet GPS Tracking offers live traffic so your dispatchers can stay alert to traffic delays, have the ability to reroute routes, and to help keep the customer informed of potential delays. This makes your drivers happy and your customers happy.

Smart Fleet also provides alerts and reports to give you current and past vehicle diagnostics. This helps maintain things like vehicle maintenance, so your vehicles stay running at their best capacity.

Garmin integration is another feature that can be very beneficial to towing companies. Through Garmin, your drivers can get jobs right to their vehicles, and even send out a message once the job has been completed.

Smart Fleet Tracking helps towing companies manage time and overall efficiency.