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Fleet Tracking Alerts

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Summer is around the corner and while we’ll greet the sun with open arms, it could mean changes in your fleet.

With the increase in temperature means an increase in idling for AC usage.

This increased idling can have an effect on both your vehicle and your gas bill.

Extended idling isn’t good for the life of any vehicle, and for every hour a vehicle idles, a half a gallon of gas is wasted.

To curb this idling, Smart Fleet offers alerts via text and/or email that can be sent to you and your techs anytime a vehicle idles over a predetermined amount of time.

So if you want to sure your vehicle’s are not idling for more than 20 minutes, you and the driver of the idling vehicle can get an alert.

This lets your driver know that you know they’re idling and better shut off the vehicle or get moving.

Alerts are a great way to manage any fleet!

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