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Fleet Dash Cams to Increase Safety

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Dash cameras are the newest fleet management tool in the market. Using video telematics is a great way to manage how a fleet performs, as well as preventing false insurance claims. Having visual video evidence of accidents or events cuts out the he-said she-said guessing game. But how does it work?

1. Camera Installed into Vehicle

The dash cam is a windshield mounted device with an optional 2nd camera input. GPS, Smart Accelerometer, Microphone, HD Camera, & 3G modem are all on-board. 

2. An Event is Triggered 

A safety critical event occurs (accident, hard brake, speeding, panic button, alarm input). The dash camera records HD video at full frame rate to its internal storage. At the same time, the camera transmits a preview file and e-mail message to the online server. 

3. Images & Drive Data Transmitted to Online Server 

The e-mail server recieves a message from the device and pushes GPS/G-Force data and preview video file to user’s e-mail address.

4. Video is Instantly Sent to Users E-mail Inbox

Customer receives e-mail from server with attached 10 second preview video. Customer can request full resolution video by replying to e-mail message from the camera and review original file through the online portal.

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