Fleet Dash Cams in New Jersey

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Vehicle Incidents - Dash Cams Incentive


Work-related vehicle incidents are very expensive for business owners, employees, and drivers. An accident can be a hassle for any company, dealing with vehicle repairs, replacing vehicles, and potential lawsuits. While dash cams can’t stop an accident, it can protect against false claims and help you coach your drivers to prevent accidents from occurring.

In 2018 there were 278,413 motor vehicle accidents in the state of New Jersey according to The New Jersey Department of Transportation.


SmartScout Elite SafetyCam - Protects Drivers

The SmartScout Elite SafetyCam records videos based on driver behavior. So, when a driver suddenly accelerates or brakes harshly, a video is recorded and sent to the SmartScout Elite system. This can be accessed via cell phone through the mobile app or online in the web. When these videos are sent, it’s not always an indication that an accident occurred. When the videos are reviewed by the fleet manager, they could see both the road and the driver in the stored clip. This will allow for the fleet manager to determine if the driver was distracted, i.e on their cell phone, which is why they had to brake harshly. If these behaviors occur often, it could be an opportunity to coach the driver to avoid accidents as well as wear and tear on the vehicle.

The SafetyCam is also a great anti-theft tool. The dash cams video can be accessed right from a cell phone. This means if your vehicle got stolen, you not only see where the vehicle is, but get a video recording of the driver. Videos can be downloaded right into your photo gallery and sent via email and/or text message. This makes it easy to communicate with your team, or the police, from wherever you are.

Dash Cam Protects Against False Claims

In addition to anti-theft, the SmartScout Elite SafetyCam protects drivers against false claims. Instead of having a he-said, she-said scenario, the dash cams provide visual evidence of the event that occurred. This can limit the time and money spent disputing false claims, since you can let the video speak for itself.

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