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Dispatching to Smartphones and Tablets

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Dispatching to a Smartphone

Do your drivers ever get lost or do you ever need to know who is the closest to a specific location/landmark?

With our basic dispatching tools, you are able to see how far each vehicle is from any location/Landmark as well as send the address with a message to their smartphone.

Utilizing these tools will increase efficiency with your fleet which in turn increases customer satisfaction.

We’ve had requests for basic dispatching where the dispatcher just wants to inform the customer of the estimated arrival of their Tech/Truck, but they didn’t want to have to email the driver or even see the driver column in the Control Panel of the Dispatch screen. We have a simple solution, check out the video below for details.  

If you are interested in setting up each driver and being able to send a google/apple map link and message to their smartphone.  Use the video below for help on setting it up.

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