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Smart Fleet now has dispatching on all 3 platforms!

Smart & EZ all you have to do is type in the address, click go, select your vehicle and choose dispatch to.  This will dispatch to any email or phone number you have on file for this vehicle! You will be able to open directions from their current location in either Google or Apple maps.

EZ Dispatch

Smart Fleet NSpire allows you to choose a vehicle to dispatch to, then you can fill out the address and the recipient of the dispatch.  This is convenient if you want to send directions to different emails or phone number each time.  This will open as a list of directions.  NSpire Dispatch



Smart Fleet Prime allows you to dispatch to vehicles by typing an address, clicking a vehicle, clicking a landmark, or dropping a pin where you would like them to go.  You can send it to either the email or phone number you have on file for this driver or type in your own and edit.  These directions come with a link to open either Google or Apple maps.  This dispatching allows you to have the best of both worlds.  Prime Dispatch

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