Dash Camera Solutions

Dash cameras for small business are important because the US Department of Labor estimates that every 12 minutes someone dies in a motor vehicle crash and every 10 seconds an injury occurs. Work-related vehicle incidents are very expensive for business owners, employees, and drivers. An accident can cause lots of trouble, but with passive dash cameras it can eliminate the ‘he-said, she-said’ confusion. Having visual evidence of an incident or accident can assist in exonerating drivers and protecting against false claims. 

There are two types of dash cameras for a small business: passive and continuous. 

Passive cameras operate off an SD card within the camera. The camera is continuously recording, but when an incident occurs, the SD card can be taken out and played. This allows for incident clips to be saved in case they need to be used to prove what happened.

Smart Fleet’s continuous camera is an integrated dash camera with GPS. The dash camera for small business records events continuously and saves them to an SD card. In addition to this, when events occur, like hard braking, rapid acceleration, or harsh turning, events are recorded and sent to a cloud-based server. Users also get alerts, notifying them that a potential event, like an accident, occurred. This allows for incident clips to be saved in case they need to be used to prove what happened.

Benefits of Dash Cameras

The video telematics works in a loop format and runs infinitely, replacing oldest video footage with newest. Additionally, built in accelerometer precisely calculates G-force events and highlights this video footage so that risky, distracted, or concerning behavior can be spotted immediately upon video review.

Having GPS tracking within your vehicles is helpful at noting where drivers are and managing job times for payroll. When it comes to incidents or accidents, GPS tracking can help tell where the driver is, but doesn’t offer the visual evidence that a camera can. Having the dash camera for business installed in a vehicle can make a huge financial difference when it comes to settling claims.

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