Start off by letting your people know that you trust them.

Launch your NEW GPS System with Incentives: Get you technician to buy into the program by utilizing the Drivers Rewards Feature.  Each driver will have access to a mobile app to view their driver scorecard and where their rank among their peers falls. This gets them engaged and gamifies the process allowing you the owner to reward good driver behavior with an electronic gift card that is sent right from the software to the drivers app.  This gift is redeemable at major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Burger King, etc. Most people do what they get rewarded for.

Maintenance Module: It is also a program to set notification of a vehicle’s health.  For instance, if the check engine light illuminates on the dashboard, it will automatically send an alert to the office and in most cases give a description of the trouble code; techs and the office will also be notified when oil changes, tire rotation, etc. are needed. Finally, the system will allow you to keep track of all repairs and costs of each vehicle and the ability to run history reports.

Dispatching: Explain that it can help dispatch the closest tech to an emergency service call instead of sending a tech across town. Also, dispatchers can re-route a driver and give them directions should they get lost.

Insurance Discounts: Financially you may be able to obtain Insurance discounts for having a GPS and or safety Dash Camera. Discounts are available because you now have the means exonerate not at fault drivers, improve safety by coaching and rehabilitating, and recover stolen vehicles. The Dash Cam provides actionable information on delivering technician behavior which allows manager to better coach drivers in an effort to reduce accidents and nuisance litigation.

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