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Automated Reporting

Don’t Let your Vehicle Tracking Software Become Another “Job” for you or your Staff to Complete!

Now that you have embraced and implemented a vehicle tracking productivity tool we want to make sure that it also doesn’t reduce productivity by creating another job or task for someone to use it!

We recognize that most businesses have time management challenges already, and the software you have invested in was designed specifically to allow you to manage by exception. Meaning you can establish a series of thresholds and multiple automatically generated reports based upon your customized parameters; including your timeline and your selected recipients (one or many).  These reports and/or alerts will be auto-generated, and once established you can let the software do its work!

Most business employees and owners wear many hats and are hard pressed with time. With that in mind, the software will automatically provide you with the business data without the need to spend any time to get it! And the use of Alerts and Auto-Generated reports are the tools you need to utilize in order to make your software work for you vs. you working on it!

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