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Addressing Driver Concerns: How to Successfully Implement Dash Cameras

By April 24, 2023No Comments

Overcoming driver reluctance to adopt fleet dash cameras can be a major hurdle for companies. With the current driver shortage, it’s critical for companies to keep their drivers satisfied. Although dash cams have numerous advantages for your fleet and can help ensure driver safety, how can you effectively convey these benefits to your team? Here are three things to consider when implementing a new video safety solution:

  1. Communicate the reason installing cameras: There are compelling reasons for installing connected cameras in your fleet. It’s crucial to share these reasons with your drivers to avoid misunderstandings. Without proper communication, many drivers may assume that you’re installing cameras because you don’t trust them or because you want to intrude into their personal lives. When introducing your video safety program, emphasize the numerous business objectives that dash cameras can help you achieve. For instance, mention how installing cameras can lower insurance premiums, reduce costs per claim, optimize resources, and ensure field-based teams’ visibility. Additionally, remind your drivers that while you trust them, dishonest third-party drivers abound on the roads, and connected cameras can protect your fleet against staged incidents, crash for cash, and false whiplash claims.
  2. Highlight the benefits of cameras for drivers: After explaining the benefits to the company, it’s vital to communicate how dash cameras can benefit drivers themselves. They can exonerate drivers from false claims made against them, which is essential since these claims can negatively affect drivers for years and even jeopardize their CDL. In some cases, drivers can face criminal charges for road incidents that are not their fault. Dash cameras can safeguard drivers from these false claims and resolve liability in real-time. Often, trucks are presumed guilty in road incidents, but cameras can help establish your drivers’ innocence.
  3. Explain what is recorded and who can access the footage: One of the main concerns raised by drivers is the fear that their employer might capture personal information about them or misuse the footage. It’s critical to address these misunderstandings as soon as possible. It’s vital to assure them that only certain admin users will be able to access a live feed and footage from the cameras. Their function is to record driving events and only certain ones will trigger a video.

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